Dear Catastrophe Wife.

Dear Catastrophe Wife,

I am writing to commend you on your outstanding behaviour today with regards to the mishap regarding our dog.

Yes our beach outing lasting approximately ten minutes before your stone lob fractured our dog’s front tooth but it was the hysterical crying all the way home whilst erratically driving the car that will stand out for me in particular.

I understand that the two hundred pounds it will cost and the legthy operation to our dog has upset you but if I may be so bold, please stay away from any future stone throwing so as to avoid any future damage and hysteria to your fragile, emotional state.

I will plan any future days out with care and advice from the health and safety executive.

I would also advise you to fill in a risk assessment for any future outings so as to protect the public and yourself.

Signed, your husband.

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  1. Oh, no! I hope you’re dog is okay and will feel better soon. It’s always rough when they get hurt.


  2. Oh, no!!! and I have to think about how many times we lob river stones into the River Wye for our dingbat spaniel to chase after – I quit lobbing tennis balls as she has a tendency to fetch them…and then let go.

    But I don’t blame you for a moment for the hysterical crying. I’d do the same thing….


  3. I really do hope that the dog feel better today. Fot the future outdoor days I suggest a rubber ball instead of stones…dog will apreciate!


  4. aw bless. Hope you and the dig are ok now 🙂


  5. We all know it was revenge for the welsh cakes


    Seriously though – hope you’re both doing ok! Bit of a shock I imagine!


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