Monthly Archives: October 2011


Look out, here they come.
An assortment of tiny face painted gremlins, coming to eat your sweets and cakes.
Knocking at your door, drooling at the prospect of more teeth rotting goodness.


Yes stuff, stuff that has been left in the dogs crate today that was not put there by the dog.
Two plastic soldiers, two building blocks and one purple feather.
Time to don my Sherlock hat, there is a mystery afoot.


I believe it’s time to buy the boy a sketchbook of his own. I can’t keep a crayon/chalk/pencil out of his hand.
Another one mad on drawing.
Please don’t turn out as potty as your mother.

Dragon Slayer.

Gruff has abandoned his quest for a steed and has decided to pursue his quest to slay the mighty dragon.
Mighty dragon would rather be left alone to lick his back legs and snooze.
I doubt mighty dragon will breathe fire but a swipe may be coming fair knight’s way…

The Dustbin of Ambition.

Is in Swansea.


One boy and his magnifying glass.


It is too early to; play knights and battles, eat bananas, watch Cbeebies and have cushion fights.
Someone reset my son’s body clock please.


Lovely stuff, mix it all up to get that popular grey colour!

Steed (part two).

How high?

Any height can be achieved if the prize is a ball!

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