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Look out, here they come.
An assortment of tiny face painted gremlins, coming to eat your sweets and cakes.
Knocking at your door, drooling at the prospect of more teeth rotting goodness.


Yes stuff, stuff that has been left in the dogs crate today that was not put there by the dog.
Two plastic soldiers, two building blocks and one purple feather.
Time to don my Sherlock hat, there is a mystery afoot.


I believe it’s time to buy the boy a sketchbook of his own. I can’t keep a crayon/chalk/pencil out of his hand.
Another one mad on drawing.
Please don’t turn out as potty as your mother.

Dragon Slayer.

Gruff has abandoned his quest for a steed and has decided to pursue his quest to slay the mighty dragon.
Mighty dragon would rather be left alone to lick his back legs and snooze.
I doubt mighty dragon will breathe fire but a swipe may be coming fair knight’s way…

The Dustbin of Ambition.

Is in Swansea.


One boy and his magnifying glass.


It is too early to; play knights and battles, eat bananas, watch Cbeebies and have cushion fights.
Someone reset my son’s body clock please.


Lovely stuff, mix it all up to get that popular grey colour!

Steed (part two).

How high?

Any height can be achieved if the prize is a ball!

Fear of the Dark.

Evie’s decided she doesn’t like the dark any more. I have to leave the door open and put the cat in with her in an attempt to make her feel better.
But adding glow in the dark ponies and a torch has clinched the deal.
Suddenly the monsters disappear and the fun begins.


Every knight doth need one but must choose carefully.

The Mummy.

It was a relative’s funeral today and Evie was full of her usual questions…


Nothing like the TV for silence, blank stares and a bit of peace.
Just for a bit…


Bonnie’s favourite sport on the beach, we have discovered, is small dog jumping.
Small dog wonders why it is in shadow and looks up to find our lovely hound sailing over it.
This is very hard to explain to a frazzled owner that it’s dog is merely a hurdle.

There, there, all better now.

Wrapping the Dinoasur.

So, how does one wrap a roaring, flashing dinosaur?
With caution!
C’mon….I know you want to laugh….

Counting down.

Not long now till my little girl turns four and as usual it will be a dinosaur-tastic day.

Come out, come out, wherever you are…

Oh my God, I have a teenager in waiting…

Dear Dog.

Dear Dog,
It has been one month and eighteen days since you imposed yourself on my house.
I would like my bowl back very much, it’s the blue one that you keep dragging off the counter every morning without fail.
Yes it’s impressive you can reach up that high and swipe it down with one paw but I’ve tired of this trick.
Tonight I shall booby trap my bowl with hidden incendiary devices so should you decide that you fancy a nibble on my kibbles I would take care.


And so, the Autumn wave of illness and lurgy strikes our house.
Here we go…

Build them up.

And knock ’em down.
Build them up again.
Ad infinitum.


Do you flap?

I do, I am the ultimate flapper.

For example;
The classic school run flap.

This is the old lady barging in at the pie counter in Morrisons flap.

This one speaks for itself.

And this one is the sausages on fire flap.

A Decade.

Of being Married. Wow.

Where did that one go then?

Ah that’ll be the ten years of hormone driven, sleep deprivation.

Well, we’re both older and even uglier, best stick together for everyone else’s sake eh?

The Artist’s Muses.

It’s difficult to paint with this going on in the background but I imagine it will be harder once they’re all in school and the house is quiet.

I think we have a kind of symbiosis that helps me make the most of every millisecond I have to draw and paint.

It may not be the best of what I can do but I’m ticking over and and with every day, there’s more work coming.

Thanks guys for the noise.

Party Time.

Evie turns four next week and she is quite particular about what she’d like.

Crouching Squirrel, Hidden Dog.

It’s squirrel mayhem here at the moment and our new Dog, Bonnie is finding them irresistible.

Bonnie, may I have my thumb back please?

Yes it’s on the end of the lead you took with you half way up a tree.

Trimming my Bush.

Me + Ryobi Hedge trimmer = Carnage.


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