Do you flap?

I do, I am the ultimate flapper.

For example;
The classic school run flap.

This is the old lady barging in at the pie counter in Morrisons flap.

This one speaks for itself.

And this one is the sausages on fire flap.

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  1. hahahah I’m married to one!


  2. I must be a flapper, too! 😀


  3. “… if you can keep your head when all around are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

    (or something like that)



  4. I think it’s probably one of my more endearing qualities.


  5. Genius – I just laughed out loud at this and Z came to hang over my shoulder. When I asked if he thought I was a flapper he gave it a bit of thought and said I was more of a screecher and swearer and door slammer. Nice. I’d probably of given that old lady a good tutting…:)


  6. Oh my … I’m more for the shouting and cursing. 😉


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