Wrapping the Dinoasur.

So, how does one wrap a roaring, flashing dinosaur?
With caution!
C’mon….I know you want to laugh….

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  1. I’m forever grateful that my grandma FAILED at a similar task (with an “Ask-me Elmo” for my 2-year-old, as if a household with a toddler didn’t have enough inane questions flying around), enabling me to identify the gift before Christmas and quietly donate the thing to Toys for Tots. (I wrote her a thank-you note gushing that Toddler LOVES Elmo–true!–and he never knew what he missed.) here’s wishing you better luck–a dinosaur would have been a different thing altogether. 🙂


  2. Arnie and Bonnie are clearly wondering if they are next! 😀 xxxxx


  3. I love the dog’s expression! I might be wrapping one of these shortly. i think i might invest in a carboard box inner.



  4. 😀 Hilarious subtle touch, the twisted cellotape – I swear that stuff has a down on me.


  5. Great picture. I love your ideas very much. 🙂


  6. As someone who can’t even wrap books neatly, I sympathise!!!


  7. Lol! It makes me think of how every Christmas has a gift that’s impossible to wrap. I always feel bad for the person who gets a very badly wrapped gift from me. 😀


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