The Mummy.

It was a relative’s funeral today and Evie was full of her usual questions…

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  1. I always look forward to seeing what you will share with us next :D.


  2. What an imagination! (And sorry for your family’s loss)


  3. We recently attended one as well and my 2.5 year old was also full of questions. I talked about it a little in my last post:

    A pretty serious post for me, but you can’t help it when dealing with death.


  4. My thoughts go to you and your family.

    Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a child as they see things in such an innocent way. You’ve depicted a really wonderful little slice of life even in the midst of sadness.


  5. Oh Angie, I’m so sorry- was Nene your sister or Myles’? Losing a sibling is like losing a limb- they are such a part of you and your life. They define who you are – oldest, youngest, tallest, smallest, arty, funny, they are the cause for lost teeth, scars on the knee, and now, a place in your heart, forever.


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