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Learning to fly.

On goes the Superman soundtrack, arms to horizontal and…….


Gruff is grounded because it’s chucking it down outside and even dinosaur wellies don’t keep little toes dry with that amount of rain, mud and cold.
Bonnie is grounded because she’s torn her nail and has one of Myles’ socks on her paws to stop her nibbling the open end.
Two frustrated souls.

Miss Independence.

I waited at the top of the road with my brolly. We thought we’d let her walk up the road from school to our house on her own.
It happened to be a horrendous wet and windy day.
I’m over whelmed with guilt.
Millie wants to do it all again tomorrow.

Dancing Bears.

Bonnie, anima-tronic dancing bears are NOT real, unlike Father Christmas, who is real.
Father Christmas won’t put a bone in your stocking unless you’re a good girl you know.


Evie’s got a brand new bag.

I wonder what she’ll put in it?


It’s getting a bit good out of the pram now, in fact it’s much better out of the pram.
Off you go little explorer, go get ’em.

Tell me all about it.

Nothing like a good old moan after a hard day in the office, is there Millie?
Good job we have our little team of shrinks on hand to listen…


What, I have to empty it too?

Leaning Tower of Carrots.

He’s not eating his food, but my god there’s art in this boy!

Adventures in Hoovering (continued)

This is another recent addition, the hoover is now seen as the enemy, to be defeated at all costs…

Sort it.

My little helper loves to sort out his beakers and cups.
Lucky for me he enjoys putting them back again too!


This is my 500th post!

Where did you get that hat?

There may be a recession on and money may be tight but that’s not to say we can’t have style as a family.
I’ve knitted them all hats that I think suit their personality.
Sorry Gruff, you’ll grow into yours….

Braving the cold.

Dressed in nothing but a fairy dress and wellies, there goes my four year old floating up the garden.
We shan’t mention that Gruff is buried knee deep in soil and she’s off to join him..


Either a Burlesque burglar scampered through my house whilst I was out or the cat has struck again.
How many feathers!

An equasion.

Me + Full Moon +Miserably Ratty = Chocolate + Wine + Quiet

Saturday Morning.

Walk doggo, wet grass and litter.
Time to think?
Not bloody likely! Just time to myself.


Right outside my house.
Huge holes currently being dug in the road for us to peer into.
Not a sniff of bloody treasure either.
New gas mains apparently so I can expect a bill for my kidneys to heat my home this winter.

Birthday Riots.

Cake, dog salivating after cake, cat salivating after cake, wrapping paper, boxes, lots of little toy men with swords, a rampaging knight and a squealing princess.
I’d like to lie down for a bit now….

Gruff’s Birthday.

My little man is two tomorrow.
Happy Birthday little dude.

Pimp my Dog.

Evie’s new dress up thing is Bonnie.
Very nice…

One of my dinosaurs is missing.

Hmmmm is it now….

Celebrating treason.

Indeed we are, with sausages, friends and beer.
Viva la revolution!


Gruff has mastered the art of sneaking upstairs without us noticing.
So far the Scarlet Pimpernel has targeted his big sisters room at the top of the house.
There will not be a toy left unturned.


Wet feet, wet nose, wet children, wet bra, wet trousers, dripping wet.
Did I mention the rain?

No one to fight with.


I spent an hour last night making up my children’s faces to look horrible and they decided the look was so good they’d injure themselves for real.

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