Gruff’s Birthday.

My little man is two tomorrow.
Happy Birthday little dude.

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  1. Give him a happy birthday hug from me: he makes so many star appearances on here that I feel I know him well enough for hugs.


  2. Happy birthday Gruff! Doesn’t seem like 2 years does it? Hope you all have a wonderful day xxx


  3. A very Happy Birthday to you, Little One… Big Hug! xxx


  4. Och, bless his wee cotton socks! 🙂


  5. two ALREADY?! He’ll be off to University next!


  6. aaawwwwww happy birthday! keep letting your mum capture you in her art!!


  7. Happy birthday Gruff. Let your dad win when fighting him. He likes that.


  8. Awww, those little feet. happy birthday little man.



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