Miss Independence.

I waited at the top of the road with my brolly. We thought we’d let her walk up the road from school to our house on her own.
It happened to be a horrendous wet and windy day.
I’m over whelmed with guilt.
Millie wants to do it all again tomorrow.

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  1. Ahhh God bless her…. and yet she herself had so much fun doing it… I remember the sense of achievement the first day I came home from primary school on my own… and that was NOT prearranged so EVERYONE was out looking for me as I was less than Millie’s age! I admire her for wanting to try… and I admire your courage for allowing her to do so. It is indeed so hard to keep them safe yet allow them some room for autonomy in today’s crazy world. Big hug. xxxxxxxx


    • go to do it, she felt so grown up too. My feelings are my feelings and I have to keep them in check and in perspective. She doesn’t need to know Mammy bites off all her nails with worry and can’t wait till she’s safe at home…..:)


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