One more day until the bandages come off Bonnie, hang on in there or I’ll have to vacuum wrap your leg.

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  1. this is just gorgeous! I like your drawings very much but especially love the ones of your dog (the way her tail wags!). I hope she’ll be all better soon. My dog also has rather long nails and i worry about her tearing them.


  2. aaawww what’s she done?


  3. Nice drawing of your dog. I’d be doing the same thing if I were she.


  4. I hope she gets better soon…I agree I’d be itching to remove the bandage know just to have a look at the wound.


  5. I had to medicate my dog last year for an injury to his flank. He really liked the taste of the medecine, so he was able to eat (yes, I said eat) ten gauzes sized 10x10cm and the bigger one 20×20 cm. The worse thing was to have to count them when they came out the dog the day after….bleah!!!


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