Well this one crept up on me.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I think I’ve commented before that I’m living a parallel life in Eugene, Oregon, USA. I swear this happened last night. I thought they were supposed to be older before this happened. Mine is 9! Anyway, loving your take on life and transfer to paper!


    • Thank you Cathy and welcome, it’s a bit of a shock isn’t it? One minute I’m potty training and the next this. I thought it was older too, we talk and we’re open so I guess I should be grateful she’s into Doctor Who and books!


  2. Been there. It’s insidious the way that creeps up on us in a household where Mum and Dad aren’t in the least prudish.


    • Yes! Indeed it’s that. I am very assured about my own body and perhaps I need to be so very gentle about my own daughter’s self awareness. Such a fragile thing. I just want her to be confident about her own bones.


  3. Yes! In my life too! I point out we changed her nappies but to no avail. In contrast, small brother has no such qualms.


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