We finally got our Christmas tree home today with the help of some ratchet straps and half and hour of fiddling while the kids and the dog sat laughing at us in the car.

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  1. Laurie Bartolo recommended i check out your blog and I am so glad I did, you have an amazing talent! I look forward to following your blog.

    I have funny story about a Christmas tree, last year my nephew and I went out to find our perfect tree so after trudging through snow a foot deep in my tennis shoes for a half hour we found it, he cut it down and we threw it on top of the van and secured it…or so we thought. I know more than turned onto the main road when swooosh, the tree blew of the top and rolled to the shoulder of the road. Fortunately no cars were coming and I pulled to the side, we jumped out and stuffed it in the side door but it was so big we couldn’t close the door and had to drive the rest of the way home with it open. Made for quite the adventure and a fond memory 🙂


  2. I knew there was something I had to do. thanks for the reminder.


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