The Cats on my street.

May I introduce you to a few of the characters on our street?

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  1. Loved this. Particularly liked Zen cat!



  2. Love them. All of them. So cute! 🙂 What does Arnie represent? Is he president of feline street?


  3. I loved the festive cat..hehehe


  4. Very clever… I am loving them all… 😀 xxx


  5. These are adorable. We have both a Zen and Festive cat in our house!


  6. I love these! My cat Smokey was definitely a zen cat!


  7. Hm I have a shredder 😉


  8. Purrty!! All are nice, but I like the welcome home cat the best!


  9. Loved it. Cats are cool to draw; they don’t move much 🙂


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