Christmas Cat.

Oh for pity’s sake.
Get out of the TREE!

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  1. Oh no! :-O We bought our cat some cat grass to keep her occupied. So far, its working as we’ve had no ornament casualties.


  2. Hahaha I used to have a cat that did that so I had to wire the tree to the ceiling to keep him from tipping it over 🙂


  3. We had one like that. It was a pain in the altogether.:-)


  4. hello, you don’t know how much fun i have receiving your drawings in my inbox every day!!!!(especially that I have two kids, a dog, 7 fish and three water turtles! your stories are very much similar than mine!)
    thank you !!! It can’t always be easy to find a topic, but yours are spotless!!! Happy Holidays!


  5. This is precisely why I don’t have a christmas tree, with 5 cats in the house it would soon be stripped. lol
    Love your drawings.


  6. DAREDEVIL CAT… I LIKE it !!!!! 😀 xxx


  7. ho hum. Just like my Sparta. Shall we introduce her to Arnie?


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