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We finally got our Christmas tree home today with the help of some ratchet straps and half and hour of fiddling while the kids and the dog sat laughing at us in the car.

One Glass of Wine.

Long day, need sleep now.


Well this one crept up on me.


My name is Angie Stevens and today I am 38 years old. This is my blog.
I love to draw and find no better way than to tell you all about my life and my family.
Thank you for dropping by over the past year. It has opened more doors for me than I thought possible.
Here’s to getting older and more drawing to come.

If I knew you were coming…

..I’d baked a cake!
My dudes made my birthday cake today.(for my birthday tomorrow).


I asked Millie if she still played with her dolls.
She told me she did.

Wrap ’em up warm.

Winter’s coming.

House Arrest.

It’s hard entertaining a dog that can’t go out for five days (torn nail, big bandage, much whimpering and lots of antibiotics).
Gruff has come up with some excellent activities to pass the time.
We have dragon slaying,

There’s car chasing,

Hide and seek (normally doesn’t take long),

And there’s staring out the cat, never ends well.


One more day until the bandages come off Bonnie, hang on in there or I’ll have to vacuum wrap your leg.


Oh joy.

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