Monthly Archives: February 2012


Oh to read the mind of a two year old with a sword in his hand…

Cross Town Traffic.

Wish it would stop raining, it’s looking very busy on our floor at the moment.

Group Hugs.

Feeling very ill today, life goes on, of course.
Sometimes a simple hug is all you need to keep going.

Defender of the Earth – The Element of Surprise.

Aliens must be stalked with extreme caution as they tend to kill with slobber.

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Mammy Moon.

I’m not sure whether being compared to an asteroid battered satellite constitutes a complement…
…but Evie makes it sound like one!

Defender of the Earth.


Ah they all do it, wears me out.

Pancake Day.

Leave some for me!

All by myself.

It’s a lonely old business when your sisters go back to school after half term.


Getting some fancy tail feathers there, Gizzmo.

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