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Oh to read the mind of a two year old with a sword in his hand…

Cross Town Traffic.

Wish it would stop raining, it’s looking very busy on our floor at the moment.

Group Hugs.

Feeling very ill today, life goes on, of course.
Sometimes a simple hug is all you need to keep going.

Defender of the Earth – The Element of Surprise.

Aliens must be stalked with extreme caution as they tend to kill with slobber.

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Mammy Moon.

I’m not sure whether being compared to an asteroid battered satellite constitutes a complement…
…but Evie makes it sound like one!

Defender of the Earth.


Ah they all do it, wears me out.

Pancake Day.

Leave some for me!

All by myself.

It’s a lonely old business when your sisters go back to school after half term.


Getting some fancy tail feathers there, Gizzmo.

When the Rain Stops.

Potty Training. Part Three.

It’s Gruff’s turn to potty train.
Day one has involved much bribery with sweets and stickers…and that was just to get him in his new pants.
We’ve had a few successes and a few mishaps.
He’s not quite ready but it’s all heading in the right direction.

Master Bakers.

Masters of licking fingers and masters of eating the cake mixture before it hits the oven.

Cupboard raid.

Oi! I think we have some pretty big rats around here…

Suitable attire.

I wear funny clothes when I’m decorating.
Dead comfy though.
Does anyone else make as much mess as me though?

A week ago…

…I put petrol into my diesel car.
Today I found out why my car had stopped running.
Oh *%£*.

Wet Paint.

We’re busy decorating at the moment.
Unfortunately with a house full of animals and children, there is only so much shouting I can do until the little blighters’ curiosity gets the better of them.
We have decided that nocturnal painting is easier as there aren’t too many paint prints to clean up.

Show Off.


You hum it and I’ll play it…

The gang have been bought a keyboard off their Aunties.
How wonderful.
I have heard the demo song over thirty times already.
The microphone attached to it comes with one volume and that’s very loud.
Obviously they love it.
Music to my ears.

Auntie Lizzie.

Auntie Lizzie has been staying with us for the last few days. We don’t see her very often as she works abroad.
The kids have been spoiled rotten and so have I.
Thank you Auntie Lizzie.
See you soon.

Play ball.

Carried out of the side of her mouth, this thing is Bonnie’s obsession.
Until she shreds it of course.

More sleeping.

This time in with Bonnie, not that she had much room with Mr sleepy in there.

Five ‘o clock in the afternoon.

It’s five ‘o clock in the afternoon and Gruff has fallen asleep.
He’ll be awake once he hears his dinner landing on the table, it’s a talent he seems to possess.

A New Sleeping Arrangement.

Evie doesn’t like the dark. She likes her door opened a little so that the landing light shines into her room.
Recently, Arnie has taken to sleeping in her room, on a pillow right next to her.
If I forget to let him upstairs, he meows at the lounge door until I open it.
Evie refuses to go to sleep until her furry friend is on his pillow next to her.
A happy arrangement indeed.

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