A New Sleeping Arrangement.

Evie doesn’t like the dark. She likes her door opened a little so that the landing light shines into her room.
Recently, Arnie has taken to sleeping in her room, on a pillow right next to her.
If I forget to let him upstairs, he meows at the lounge door until I open it.
Evie refuses to go to sleep until her furry friend is on his pillow next to her.
A happy arrangement indeed.

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  1. So sweet 🙂 There’s nothing like feeling totally safe and comforted when falling asleep.


  2. awww so cute!! she’s one lucky little girl 🙂


  3. Your drawing takes me back to last night, I had three of them on my feet, not very comfortable but I am too silly to shoo them off. lol


  4. When a Third World Came West

    What adorable doodles! I wish I had a cat to cuddle up to at night. alas I only have guinea pigs and I don’t want them in bed with me pooing for England!


  5. I love this. This is exactly, what our cats would do … And our old cat would sleep in our bed, close to our side, when we were ill … All for support.

    Cats are wonderful.


  6. Oh yes! When we had ‘The little one’ she was in bed and Molly was on the pillow just like that!


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