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  1. That looks pretty rough on the Gruff. We didn’t have stairs for our “timeout” when I was a kid, but I did spend some time “reflecting” on what I had done on the step next to our fireplace. Gruff looks as though he is experiencing some quality hindsight.


  2. Oh no! What did he do?


    • He kept pulling tantrums at the dinner table. It’s not that I object to him not wanting to eat it was the attitude that was accompanying it. I called his bluff and he still carried on so he was removed from the table for a few seconds…he was just tired really but either way I have to be firm when it comes to tantrums or I would have pandemonium! None of us could eat while he was bellowing so it didn’t help!


  3. I think I can feel some anger coming off the page! How did you manage to illustrate that? Hope things are at least quieter now.


  4. Ha ha, the naughty step. I spent half my childhood on it!


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