Potty Training. Part Three.

It’s Gruff’s turn to potty train.
Day one has involved much bribery with sweets and stickers…and that was just to get him in his new pants.
We’ve had a few successes and a few mishaps.
He’s not quite ready but it’s all heading in the right direction.

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  1. Too cute! Boys just aren’t as interested in the potty process as girls. By the time I got to training my third son we were still looking for the “magic” approach. I had heard that the formula of 3 days, a t-shirt, and $75 worked. It was essentially putting the child in an oversized t-shirt with nothing on underneath, then letting the unpleasant sensations of “stuff” running down the legs do its work. The $75 was for cleaning the carpet after the desired result was achieved. It worked for us! (However, everyone of my boys was 3 or almost 3 before they were ready.) Good Luck!!!


  2. I’ve been potty-training Loic for the past 6 months!!! Its not that he isn’t able…he’s just not interested. Now he goes to pre-school he just doesn’t go until he goes for a nap when thay put a nappy on. But I’m not disheartened. I’m sure there are no 18 year-olds around with nappies!!
    Ps. I simply adore your blog. Puts a smile( if not snigger or laugh) on my face everyday.


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