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The Web-Cam.

Bonnie can’t quite get her head round the fact that there really is no one in the lap-top…even if they are whistling and calling her name!

Easter Bonnet.

Tres cool Evie…

Suffer little children.

Evie told me this on our way to school this morning.

More fun with stones.

…and game of the day is…Extinction.

Al Fresco.

When giving a jam tart to your child, always stand well back and if possible, leave outside to marinade with other flavours of the garden.

Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

…in March?
It’s unseasonably warm for this time of year but being Welsh, Evie has that in-built instinct to drop everything and enjoy the brief bit of sun for all it’s worth. After all, we don’t know when it’ll make it’s next appearance over Swansea.

Mowing the grass.

I need a goat.


I think most of the garden is now inside Gruff’s little truck.
Shame he did it an hour ago, I’m only just discovering the stones and grass now.

Grumpy Cat.

Arnie’s been to the vet today for his booster.
He finds the whole experience very traumatic.
The whole waiting room found it traumatic too when his tummy decided to revolt.
Hopefully, he’ll have put the whole unfortunate experience behind him in the morning.

Fancy Pants.

Well Arnie our cat found it funny!

Field of dreams.

If you build it, he will come.

Mother’s Day Ice Creams.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Look who’s come to play.

My sister’s dog Fiver!



Exploitation of who eh?

Puddles on the floor.

Well, it’s a change to nappies isn’t it?

Potty Training Gruff.

Lots of trouser changes, lots of washing.
Lots of sweeties.
Getting there….slowly


I have been out for a night out with Myles.
I have drunk Rioja and brandy.
Let’s hope that 6am call from Gruff is mercifully put back till 7am.
Hic. Smashing.

A Day off.

The Grandparents have got Evie and Gruff today.
And what did I do?
I went and had a tooth pulled out at the dentist.
Nice one Ang, you know how to give yourself a good time.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Or lack of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gummy Girl.

Millie’s tooth has been wobbly for weeks.
She got fed up last night and pulled it out herself.

Soldier Boy…

…complete with his ever faithful companion,”Wo wo” (That’s his name….keep up….).
Don’t mess with the dog, he’s very protective of his owner.

Hair Dryer.

Sunday night is bath night.
Time to blast that hair dry!


I can presume Gruff enjoyed his tea tonight as he ended up wearing it.

St David’s Day.

On with the national costumes….and try and smile for my album please…

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