I think most of the garden is now inside Gruff’s little truck.
Shame he did it an hour ago, I’m only just discovering the stones and grass now.

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  1. Coolest blog I ever saw!


  2. That is what trucks are for… 🙂


  3. Hey I love your drawings….did you have a professional training at art…..they are so expressive and very unlike what we get those see these days! Hope to see more!


    • Thank you Rita, I did go to university but I wont give them the credit, I was drawing before they got their deconstructive claws on me and luckily I was clever enough to ignore them too 🙂 The credit has to go to the few teachers who encouraged me to draw and observe and to never ever give up on a dream.


      • Thanks for your reply….So many artists have told me the same as you have. These days it is difficult to get an honest feedback from a discerning person especially for children….so we end up depending on these schools….
        Your sketches tell a story which thousands of words would not be able to convey….keep it up and hope your kids enjoy art too!


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