Suffer little children.

Evie told me this on our way to school this morning.

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  1. i absolutely love you blog!!!!!!!


  2. Aaron the Ogre

    I love this one. I really like the emotion on Evie’s face at the end. You are fantastic.


  3. So few children ever get to know the real story of Easter … good on Evie for knowing there’s more to it than Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny!


  4. Actually I find this really sad and upsetting… why should the beautiful tender minds of small loving children, or indeed any loving human, be subjected to such ugly ideologies in the name of supposed path of spirituality? Look at her poor little face…


  5. Easter is so confusing. I mean, who named Good Friday? I remember being completely perplexed as a child. Glad she knows the whole story though.


  6. What a sweet post. I think it is lovely that she has such a dear and tender heart and is beginning to understand the enormity of the gift.


  7. This made me laugh!! So sweet! Most kids just think of the egg and not the actual story behind why we celebrate x your blog is amazing I love it, your are so talented! : )


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