Monthly Archives: April 2012


Bonnie’s favourite thing to do is sit on the top step in the garden and stare at me.
A nice garden feature indeed.
Maybe it’s to cover up the fact she goes and digs holes in my beds when I’m not looking!

Point and Shoot.

I believe Gruff has learnt how to aim and fire.




Want it.

There we are, it’s a huge blow up stegosaurus, definitely a good reason to spend all day bickering over it.

Show and Tell.

Evie’s class are covering the topic of dinosaurs and have requested that the children bring a few dinosaurs in to help.
I think I need to order the truck now as I don’t think my car is big enough to transport all of her little prehistoric friends….
Evie is a dinoholic!


Let me tell you something. When it comes to potty training, bribery is everything!
Stickers, chocolate and treats and we’re finally getting somewhere!


Big sister’s are the best….when they’re in a tolerant mood!

Mirror, mirror….

…on the wall.
Who the flippin’ ‘eck is that?
Is that me?

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