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Bonnie’s favourite thing to do is sit on the top step in the garden and stare at me.
A nice garden feature indeed.
Maybe it’s to cover up the fact she goes and digs holes in my beds when I’m not looking!

Point and Shoot.

I believe Gruff has learnt how to aim and fire.




Want it.

There we are, it’s a huge blow up stegosaurus, definitely a good reason to spend all day bickering over it.

Show and Tell.

Evie’s class are covering the topic of dinosaurs and have requested that the children bring a few dinosaurs in to help.
I think I need to order the truck now as I don’t think my car is big enough to transport all of her little prehistoric friends….
Evie is a dinoholic!


Let me tell you something. When it comes to potty training, bribery is everything!
Stickers, chocolate and treats and we’re finally getting somewhere!


Big sister’s are the best….when they’re in a tolerant mood!

Mirror, mirror….

…on the wall.
Who the flippin’ ‘eck is that?
Is that me?


Gruff takes great fascination in watching the mud and water creep up his trousers.


Millie wakes up every morning with her hair in one enormous knot.
I have decided to name the knot Gertrude.
Gertrude was particularly stubborn this morning, but we saw her off with some persistent brushing.

Monday Morning Mantra.

My lot are resistant to normal persuasion and need a heightened form of communication on a Monday morning.
Here is a translation of my screeching before school.
It’s slowed down so you can understand it.
Speeded up, it sounds like high pitched wailing and shrieking.


The littlest of fingers sow the littlest of seeds.
Let’s see what we get this year.


Great fun.

A Big Stink.

Poor Gruff got a grilling for this smell and it wasn’t him!
He is capable of such smells that would require full chemical suits and masks, but obviously from today I will approach my eldest daughter with the same caution…


Nothing beats a jam sandwich encrusted with sand.
In fact everything is covered in sand including the car which now looks like a sand pit…
It may be only 10 Celsius but if the sun is shining then off to the beach we go.

Ousted again.

Not to labour a point or anything but she could be reading “How to watch paint dry” and they’d still listen….


Well I’m no good any more, I just don’t cut it, I’m not cool enough.
I’ve been fired.
Big sister Millie is the preferred choice of bedtime story reader now.

Chick chick chick chick chicken…..

…lay a little egg for me!

The Upside Down Contest.

The winner is the one who remains in this position for the longest.
Side effects from this game are not pleasant.

A Day at the Museum.

Knickers and Socks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Toy Box.

Our toy box is never full as most of it’s contents get carpet-bombed over the floor throughout the day.

Five Pence.

Apologies for the absence last night, I was pre-disposed due to my daughter’s unhealthy interest in money.
Couldn’t really post from A&E as I didn’t have time to grab my sketchbook.

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