Five Pence.

Apologies for the absence last night, I was pre-disposed due to my daughter’s unhealthy interest in money.
Couldn’t really post from A&E as I didn’t have time to grab my sketchbook.

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  1. God love her! Thank heavens it wasn’t a fifty pence piece – oocha. X


    • It could’ve been anything as she’s got into a pretty nasty habit of putting things in her mouth recently, I currently have a confiscated pile of toys nearly as high as me…


  2. I swallowed a five mark piece when I was six or seven. It finally passed when I was fifteen. That was one of the worst experiences of my life.


  3. Ooh! Poor Evie, poor you. Syrup of Figs?


  4. Oh noooo!!!

    Have you been updating every day?? I haven’t seen an e-mail notifying me of an update for ages!


  5. my daughter swallowed a quarter and when I took her to see my dad, who is a doctor, he said… she’s fine but if she passes two dimes and a nickel you should be worried.


  6. ah the joys of parenthood……


  7. Good news, Evie has finally delivered a 1p coin! Don’t get much change from children these days y’know….


  8. Hahah… I ❤ this post.. and your last comment above. And Evie's poses in the 1st 2 scenes are … adorable.


  9. Oh my goodness, I’m ashamed to say that this one made me laugh. The sketch is perfect! I do sincerely hope that everything comes out okay.


  10. LifeWorthLiving

    lol you gotta love the things our children do. I’m glad Evie finally got the coin out of her system.


  11. That’s quite a magic trick… don;t think I’ll be trying it myself though somehow! 😀 xxx


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