Monday Morning Mantra.

My lot are resistant to normal persuasion and need a heightened form of communication on a Monday morning.
Here is a translation of my screeching before school.
It’s slowed down so you can understand it.
Speeded up, it sounds like high pitched wailing and shrieking.

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  1. So familiar, so very familiar!


  2. So it’s not only MY morning that looks like this?


  3. Ah, how I don’t miss that one bit!


  4. So glad I don’t have to do this anymore. Love the little one lying prone under the arm.


  5. I’ve been sprog-sitting for 4 days and I now sound like that lol


  6. It’s a wonder any mother is still sane by the time her chidren leave home for good.


  7. it’s wonderful, the world of any person with childs


  8. I had to share that one! SO true.


  9. LOVE this – fantastic and sooo real


  10. I just discovered a song that sums this up pretty well…. My mum should sing this every morning!


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