Millie wakes up every morning with her hair in one enormous knot.
I have decided to name the knot Gertrude.
Gertrude was particularly stubborn this morning, but we saw her off with some persistent brushing.

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  1. oh, how I remember this! I love your work, and sense of humor.


  2. As always I adore your picture . Some advice on knots , I have a 5 year old with red curly hair .knots are our biggest nightmare but there is a great gadget in boots called a tangle teaser . It’s like a brush for taking out knots but it doesn’t hurt . That and a detangling spray from johnsons and johnsons have changed our mornings from the above picture to soft flowing curls !


  3. “Gertrude the Knot” – hee! 😀

    I think I’ve met some of Gertrude’s cousins.


  4. Or how about a short back and sides?


  5. Muddling Along

    Have you tried a tangle-teaser? Littler can do impressive bed hair and it’s the only thing I’ve found that works without yelping and fuss (mine obviously!)


  6. As a mummy of a curly haired 4yr old, I can whole heartedly recommend johnsons detangling leave in conditioner spray.


  7. I love that the knot is named after the duck in Journey to the Centre of the Earth…. coincidence perhaps? 😀 xxx


  8. You could go 18th century and have her sleep with a cap on! I do it while camping, and it actually helps. Aside from that, the J&J detangler helps. I get a lot of my hair care ‘products’ in the ‘ethnic’ (i.e. black) section. My hair is a big ball of frizz without goop, and believe me, it helps. If I didn’t use it, I’d have to shave my head.


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