Show and Tell.

Evie’s class are covering the topic of dinosaurs and have requested that the children bring a few dinosaurs in to help.
I think I need to order the truck now as I don’t think my car is big enough to transport all of her little prehistoric friends….
Evie is a dinoholic!

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  1. What’s a skip? I looked up the definition. Um, it’s not a dumpster, is it??? Lord, I hope not.


    • Let me put your confusion to rest. It’s almost but not quite the same thing as a dumpster. In the UK it is an open-topped container usually employed for collecting builders’ rubble. Typically it is found outside any building where work is being done. Skips are removed by trucks with a particular up-and-over hoist mechanism. The word has the same etymology as ‘ship’ and ‘skiff’.


  2. Evie will be in her element at the show and tell!


  3. I love that she has such an unusual passion as a small child… xxx


  4. Last weekHahaha funny! Or is it?! Yeah, I like this site and also since I just found out about it last week!


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