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The tantrum that lasted all day.

Enough said about that.


Every morning I awake to either Gruff bellowing my name or the dulcit sound of claws on carpet.

Pole Dancer.

I wouldn’t mind but she does this on a semi-regular basis….


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Roly Poly.

A Rare Outing.

What’s covered in dust, cobwebs and spiders, lives in the garage and only sees daylight for a few days a year?
Still guarenteed to send my lot into a joyus frenzy.

Sun Cream.

Slick ’em up kids…

The Shopping Waddle.

Take the strain, don’t waddle, dont waddle.
You’re waddling Ang, there you go, waddling back to the car like a penguin.

Hot Dog.

Sunny dispositions.

You may think my lot are enjoying the sun but they’re eagerly waiting for me to return with their ice-lollies.


…about what to draw tonight.
Considering I’ve spent all day drawing this may take some time.


God it’s gloomy today. Grey, damp and drizzly.
It’s a wonder that all children born in Swansea aren’t equipped with webbed feet and gills.
Maybe I should blame the politicians, the bankers or some media twit for the lack of sun.
Ah shut up Ang, you’re rambling again, throw the dog’s ball before she dissolves into that puddle she’s standing in.


I let Millie out tonight to play with her friends….without me…

What Lies Beneath.

Things that I have found under my pillow tonight;
Assorted teddy bears, toy dogs, dolls and a cash register.
Thank you Evie.

Playing Games.

The thing that was my eldest daughter has been temporarily replaced by a Pokemon obssessive.
If I shout her name for the twentieth time today, my vocal cords are going to abandon ship for somewhere quieter…

Boys and Girls.

The difference is plain to hear!

Finding Treasure.

Get off my bread!

Digging for Treasure.

Well there’ll definitely have to be treasure after digging a hole that big in the garden, Bonnie.
Or maybe she’s being kind and digging a huge hole for me to hide in after the rubbish day I’ve had.

Flamin ‘eck.

Come my little olympians, eat up and enjoy your Olympic breakfast.
Because that’s how close we’ll be getting to the Olympics with it’s extortionate prices.

Raining and Pouring.

I don’t think there was a single dry bit on Millie when she got home today.

Super Mermaid and Super-Spider-Man.

Don’t think there will be any rush for film rights but they’re wonderful for helping around the house and a lot less noisy than Evie and Gruff.

Washing Mountain.

Oh goody, another load of washing…..

A Family Picnic.

Well it is Bank Holiday Weekend and it’s not right unless you’ve been down the beach (even if it is bloody freezing).
Lots of stones needed to anchor the picnic rug down from the wind and our ball obssessed dog.


So, Evie, have you seen my lipstick anywhere?

Out for the Count.

Droopy as a ragdoll, fast asleep and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon.
Ah well, busy bees need to rest sometimes too.

Bows and Arrows.

Apart from gorge on chocolate cake, fire arrows for an hour and play with all her Doctor Who toys, what more would a nine year girl want to do on her birthday?
I belive we have one very happy birthday bunny.

Nine Years.

Nine years ago I said goodbye to me and hello to us.
Happy Birthday Millie, my beautiful star.

Watering Can.

I hope the plants have snorkels…

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