Out for the Count.

Droopy as a ragdoll, fast asleep and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon.
Ah well, busy bees need to rest sometimes too.

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  1. Love the drawing. I can almost feel that rag doll heaviness.


  2. Always enjoy a visit, but this drawing is as loose as the child


    • Hello, welcome to my blog. 🙂
      Depends on personal taste really, some people like loose line others prefer tight pieces. My love is line and I am very spontaneous in my work, I believe that shows quite clearly.
      My drawing varies with my mood, level of tiredness and whether I have actually managed to get my hands out of the kitchen sink for the day. Either way, I will still draw and always will do, it is my conviction to do so. Sometimes there are errors and sometimes it just works, I will always post.


      • Hi, I am worrried that I did to express myself well in my first comment, It is this looseness and vibrancy of your line work that I liked and admired. I struggle with this in my own work as I tend to get tight and overwork it. My apologies for my poorly worded comment.


      • Not at all! No need to apologise, I really love having comments, it has spurred me on when all I’ve wanted to do is sleep, most of my posts are done late at night when I’m absolutley shattered!
        I found that giving yourself a time limit to complete a drawing will often give you the courage and energy to make the most important marks in a drawing.
        Often it’s not the actual marks that are put down, but what is left out that make the drawing come alive.
        I hope that makes sense, let me know if I’m not!


      • Had to add, I’m very guilty of totally ruining pieces by overworking them too, but I think we still get something out of them too. 🙂


      • It absolutley makes sense and I agree. Leaving the eye to do some work in drawing seems to give it freshness and life. What you leave out is as important as what you put in. It is the same with the importance of your negative spaces. Great to chat


  3. So sweet. You conveyed that tender moment so well.


  4. aww my youngest has had a week of illness and sleepy 4 o clocks this week x


  5. Wonderful drawings – you have an amazing talent 🙂 Do you sell them anywhere? x


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