God it’s gloomy today. Grey, damp and drizzly.
It’s a wonder that all children born in Swansea aren’t equipped with webbed feet and gills.
Maybe I should blame the politicians, the bankers or some media twit for the lack of sun.
Ah shut up Ang, you’re rambling again, throw the dog’s ball before she dissolves into that puddle she’s standing in.

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  1. Not just Swansea: we’ve had two days without rain in the last six weeks.


  2. Rhod Gilbert does a brilliant skecth on Welsh rain and he actually has webbed fingers lol


  3. Please share. In return, I’ll send genuine Arizona blue sky, guaranteed to lift the blues. All moisture is raining from the people or the air conditioners.


  4. Wales. Goes with the territory.


  5. Oh, I know that feeling. 😦


  6. I thought you might find this article useful (given Swansea’s record for rather wet weather!):


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