Sun Cream.

Slick ’em up kids…

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  1. Always a stand-off with my kids too! Great drawing.


  2. PERFECT…expecting that next week when I take the grandkids to the beach


  3. Bit young to smoke? We have some of your sun today. Hats in evidence, and a cotton shirt and skirt instead of all muffled up in sweaters and tracky bottoms.


  4. Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about the sun as much as I would about the enormous cigar. Yuck. (Lovely sketch, I always enjoy looking at your work!)


  5. hahaha. It’s so rare they probably haven’t seen suncream before lol


  6. What a progressive Mum, letting your kids take up smoking at such an early age 🙂 really, what is that in the kids mouth???


  7. My earlier comment vanished! 😦

    Anyhoo, here’s something you can get inspired by. It’s an Indian commercial for a glucose enriched drink, for kids in the summer. I am sure you can tweak it and show your kids what happens when they don’t use that cream 😉


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