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  1. hehehehehe send for Arnie


  2. I love it, but I hope that bag isn’t something you’re gonna miss.


  3. So funny and doggy! Oh, poor handbag and poor you.


  4. wonderful drawing, naughty dog. What happened to what was in the bag?


  5. So that’s how the handbag monster is defeated.. I never knew 😉


  6. Yup yup yup… but I still love them doggies…
    Another great piece!


  7. He killed that bag for sure 🙂


  8. Great slide show.


  9. Oh no! I hope that bag wasn’t expensive. Or of sentimental value. At this point, I would probably be drawing less and making idle threats about sausage factories more. 😉


  10. chroniclesofdomesticdisaster

    I love your drawings they are charming – also prolific – v impressed.


  11. I love your illustrations! They are so free and lively. As a lactation consultant I particularly love your breastfeeding pics. Teika from Mothers’ Milk Books sent me your link-I hope we can communicate over a book idea I have. I just wanted to say I much I love your work. all the best, Alice (in Ethiopia)


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