Pole Dancer.

I wouldn’t mind but she does this on a semi-regular basis….

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  1. Bwahahahahah! Oh, thank goodness my two haven’t figured THIS out yet!!!! (It looks like fun though)


  2. Brilliant. Thankfully I don’t have one of those washing lines!


  3. I’ve always wanted to know what a pole dancer is: now I do!


  4. I’ve got one of those, and my grand-kids do the same thing


  5. My grandparents lived on a farm. It reminds me me of a circular style swing they used to have in the front yard for all the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. It was millstone with a pole (wagon wheel axle, I think) in the center and topped off with a wagon wheel. Swings hung down from the wagon wheel and we could spin in circles on those swings for hours and hours on end. Same idea as your laundry pole, what a terrific memory. I don’t suppose having the washing flung about is much fun for you, though. 😉


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