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A Very, Very, Very, Big Adventure.

We’ve just been to Manchester to be filmed on BBC Breakfast television!
Here’s a few pictures of our journey, some of these pictures were filmed too…phew!

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For the benefit of everybody new, hello and welcome!

Smile for the Birdie!

A journalist has interviewed us and we’re in the paper!

Fear of Flying.

You’ll get over it Evie, I’ll tell Gruff not to push next time…


Slurping is mandatory.

Wiggly Woo.


Most unpleasant, especially when your four year old finds one at four in the morning on her bed, (and decides to tell the whole house about it)…


Don’t let them get away or the cat will get them…


I love watching the dog interact with the kids.
Bonnie has learnt to rise above their nagging, although she will normally succumb after about five minutes, which is better than me.

After the Horror…

…comes the shame of wearing your nine year old’s daughter’s swimming costume.
Just thankful it was a stretchy one…

The Moment of Horror.

Is when you realise that you’ve brought your nine year old daughter’s swimming costume with you to the pool instead of your own and you daren’t disaapoint your excited four year old (who can’t wait to go swimming)…

Old Soldier.

The scruffiest, battered toys are always the most loved.

The Meadow.

Teddy Take-Over.

Teddy bears picnincs are in vogue in our house at the moment, they never need much of an excuse to create a teddy avalanche down the stairs!

After the tantrum…

…comes the making up…well some of the time!

Gruff’s Dentist Face.

Go on, say aaah….please….

Sports Day 2012.

It’s over.

There were ten in the bed…

…well actually more, but Evie doesn’t mind.



Remind me to supervise Evie next time I give her a pack of stickers.
Not that the walls, sofas, windows, Gruff and the cat are complaining…



Rest in Peace Tim.


We have an awful lot of castles in South Wales, (thank you Normans).
Unfortunately, once at the top of a windy tower, you still have to go back down again.

Postcards from the beach.

Lots of walking to get to this beach.

The dog had other ideas as to where she was going to go. (and that normally involved going in the opposite direction).

The convoy ambled on, crossing rivers with ease…

The wildlife was challenging at times.

Can’t beat a smugglers cave!

Happy Birthday Dad.

It’s the big one!

Jubilee jublidah….

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