Postcards from the beach.

Lots of walking to get to this beach.

The dog had other ideas as to where she was going to go. (and that normally involved going in the opposite direction).

The convoy ambled on, crossing rivers with ease…

The wildlife was challenging at times.

Can’t beat a smugglers cave!

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  1. I love having little family adventures like this 🙂


  2. Chatter Master

    I absolutely love your blog. It is family documenting in the best of ways!


  3. What an exciting day… loving the Smuggler’s Cave!!! Spooky! 😀 xxxxxxx


    • It’s a beautiful place, far too many people on the day we went but you could imagine yourself back in time as you cant hear any cars or see anything modern for miles, wonderful feeling of space.


  4. You really should write & illustrate books. 🙂


  5. We followers need an EXTRA-LIKE button!


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