The Moment of Horror.

Is when you realise that you’ve brought your nine year old daughter’s swimming costume with you to the pool instead of your own and you daren’t disaapoint your excited four year old (who can’t wait to go swimming)…

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  1. OH NO. What did you do? Go in the water in your regular clothes???


  2. Oh no how awful what did you do ?


  3. Oh No! What happened next!?

    On a trip to the pool with my daughter I forgot my swimsuit too. The pool reception keep a couple on standby for us forgetful mums but all they had was a bikini a size too small, with push-up bra too! I could not disappoint my daughter, so squeezed into it! Oh what a sight for sore eyes I was!! When my male yoga instructor came towards me I wanted the ground to open up before my boobs burst out the top!!!


  4. Gosh, not cool. So what did you do?


  5. Yes, we need to know the moment after the horror one!!


  6. Thankfully I’ve never done that, although I did once go to the pool wearing my swimsuit under my clothes and forgot to pack any underwear to put on afterwards!


  7. Hi Angie, well had the full story on way up to singing in school today !!!!!! lol it lasted from the bottom step till we actually got into the junior hall!!! was really chuckling to myself…xx


  8. Totally love your work-the modern day Giles! x


  9. Brilliant drawings – great humour – they’ll strike a chord with all mums everywhere. Keep up the good work! 🙂


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