Wiggly Woo.

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  1. This made me smile. Love and hugs. xx 🙂


  2. Nice 🙂

    Really like your lines and colour.


  3. I love singing this song with my little girl. Reminds me of being a Brownie!


  4. …. there’s a worm at the bottom of my garden
    And all that he can do
    Wiggle all night and wiggle all day.
    The people round here they all do say
    There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden
    And his name is Wiggly Woo!

    (There is nothing more terrifying than a choir of toddlers belting this out at fff)


  5. Just the one?! (Didn’t realise it was a song either). 🙂


  6. Pinned you again. Loved this one. Thank you for brightening my heart. http://pinterest.com/pin/147141112796090511/


  7. I saw your drawings on the Daily Mail. You have captured life with a toddler so perfectly. Thank you for making me feel Im not alone! Such a unique way. I take my hat off to you!


  8. Lucky you to be artistically gifted and have a nice family too! ….and to live in Wales.


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