For the benefit of everybody new, hello and welcome!


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  1. Love your cute family. Follow you here in Atlanta, Georgia. Sent your site to some of my friends. It is so much fun to get you doodles each day. Thank you

  2. And another fan here in New-Jersey-across-the-river-from-Philadelphia. Your drawings are great, and so funny!

  3. It’s a good idea to re-blog the introductions every so often – you must gain new followers every day.

  4. I am completely in love with your dog!

  5. I read about your drawings in the Mail Online, what a fantastic idea, I love your drawings!!

  6. Hi there. Im Manda 40 mum to 7 kids aged between 21 and 3 years old and one grandson whos nearly 3 months old!. Live in Bedfordshire with my husband and our 3 youngest children who are 10, 6 and the 3 year old octopus who gets faster as I get slower!

  7. Catherine evans

    Saw you on Wales tonight and after seeing what you do I had to look into your site, fantastic

  8. Hi Ange from Tenby here, love your sketches, have new baby can understand why you started this, thank you for cheering me up!!!!

  9. I saw you on the news today. I just love your drawings XD Is Bonnie a Great Dane by the way?

  10. I too read your story in the Daily Mail yesterday. Lovely drawings and I can relate to them as a Mum and now grandmother. Just fabulous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Congratulations on all the press coverage – you deserve it ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Brilliant, and so pleased to meet you! Love your little dad dig, what can I say, it was the Daily Mail… Been following for a couple of months now and love the little insights, so magical – and familiar x

  13. Another fan here in Yorkshire.My brother sent me the link of the Daily Mirror article saying I will love this blog and I do! Soooo heartwarming and the sketches are incredible.I love the captions with them too,the one where your husband says “I DO exist” is soooo funny .What a beautiful thing for your kids to look back on.

  14. Hi Angie – have just watched you and your children on BBC Breakfast. Beautiful children and fabulously funny and endearing doodles. Good luck and hope your dream to have your sketches published comes true ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hello.. Just seen you on BBC and think your pictures are brilliant they brought memories back for me when my children were small especially the one eating the cat food but with my daughter it was dog biscuits .. she loved them . Good Luck to you and hope they will be published .

  16. Lynda Bradshaw

    Wonderful drawings, my son is 18 now, but all your drawings bring back so many fond memories, please keep drawing!!

  17. What a brilliant blog, it’s made me smile and brought back memories of my own children growing. A lovely way to document their life. Well done keep it up.

  18. Roger Brookes

    Great, saw you on bbc breakfast, looking forward to next blog

  19. Just seen you on BBC tv news Doodlemum. LOVE the drawings and the stories. Please get a book published in time for Christmas
    Angela, Wirral – Mum, grandma, great-grandma

  20. Fantastic – saw you on TV! Keep doodling, what a great way to log your memories xx

  21. Absolutely lovel Brilldrawings. You have a fabulous gift. Bringing playfulness, laughter and positivity into this world – so refreshing! Dont stop! It made me laugh alot. I wish I could have drawn the night my son brought a full size greyhound onto my bed at 1.00 a.m in the morning.Brilliant. Thanks. Be

  22. Saw you and your family on BBC1 this morning, you, your children and your drawings are truly wonderful, you make me feel normal!! Thank you

  23. I found your blog this week after being given a link to your newspaper article then this morning I was working in our ribbon shop with the television on in the background, half listening to someone being interviewed who draws pictures and had kids … I thought ‘I know her!’, dashed through to the kitchen and there you were ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on your blog and your press coverage, I hope you manage to get a publishing deal, your drawings would make a lovely book

  24. Simona Colapicchioni

    I am Italian, my husband is Dutch, my 7 months old son is a Dutchalian, we are all new fans of yours, we love your drawings, you are great!

  25. Debbie Barker

    The children were so well behaved on bbc breakfast show this morning. So good to see how well your images have captured their real likenesses, and so funny! Hope you get a book deal!

  26. Laughing at “I do exist” – couldn’t help but roll my eyes at some of the DM comments about “missing Dad”. Some people…

    So pleased about all the coverage you’re getting – so deserved! x

  27. julieallpress

    Hi doodlemum, saw your interview this morning and immediately looked you up. Your work is so on the mark and really brought a smile to my face I will be following you from now on, but in a nice way lol

  28. Hi,saw you and your children on BBC news your doodles are brill

  29. you are great your pictures is also. have a very good day.

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