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The Fairy Bakers.

Tree Climbing Skills.

There, nearly there and not just yet, thank you very much.

Camping is very Tiring.

It’s so very tiresome being an outdoors dog…

My Daddy is a Viking.

My other half likes nothing better than dressing up as a scary Viking. Although it is most definitely not a midlife crisis…


Happy Campers!

We’re in Caerphilly for the weekend.


I saw a mouse.

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Water Feature.

Better than a fountain, keeps the kids entertained and the garden watered.



With great effort, comes great reward.

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They all scream for…


Best not too look until they’re finished, (saves with the obsessing over melting cones and sticky shoes).


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Bubble Charades.

Maybe if you don’t say “Ho ho ho,” it make take me a bit longer to guess, Evie!


Mr Snakey.

Gruff, I think Mr Snakey would rather have you for dinner…

After the rain…

…comes the drying!

Teeny, Tiny, Tiger Toy.


You can just see that family resemblance so clearly some days…


Fully Loaded.


Living in a box.

The Cleaner.



A much loved pastime of my lot.

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Home at last.

But they’re all asleep!

Apart from the obvious welcomers!

Home Time.


Home Time.





No Arnie, you can’t come to London with me.
But you can, (I’ll bring my sketchbook).

The Don’t Blink Game.

Well I guess they’re not fighting…


I apologise Arnie, for leavng you out this week, it was unintentional and now I’ve had a glass of wine I see the error of my ways…

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken…

…lay a little egg for me!

New Ball.

Better be worth it Bonnie, it’s minging out here tonight.

The Sim Card.


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Don’t go into the water…

..just have a little paddle, ok?

Lancelot and Guinevere.

What not to wear when being a princess.

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Evie had her Olympic themed sports day today. I would pay good money to see top atheletes run a bean bag race!

Good Morning.

Good night was it Bonnie?

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