Living in a box.


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  1. The classic toy which has been appreciated by generations. I guess before cardboard packaging then it was pots too. 🙂

  2. Pretending – it’s wonderful. 😀

  3. The classic toy still appreciated even by big boys in long trousers. My older brother (then at 30+ years of age) put the cardboard box that had contained my 4 year old’s first cycle over his body (it was that big) and then ran round the garden like a lunatic. He looked like the cardboard box version of Big Bird from Sesame Street as all we could see were his hairy legs. He frightened half the kids at the birthday party and delighted the other half! Ah memories 🙂

  4. Until they hit the wall. Great drawing!

  5. Ya tvoi sluga… ya tvoi rabotnik…

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