Fully Loaded.



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  1. Top trumps is always a king sized duvet. 😉

  2. Mad auntie alis

    Doesn’t everyone load their washing machine like this??? lol

  3. Just been doing that myself 😦

  4. Bet you still have an odd sock at the end of it? 😉

  5. Or even more annoying, put the washer on, head back up stairs or out the room and find random socks or odd pair of underwear you’ve dropped and not noticed!! ARGH! Too late, washer has started!

  6. I can totally sympathize with this!! Wait til your kids are bigger (mine are 17, 15, and 10). Their clothes are bigger, hence more fabric, hence more laundry, it seems. And if a couple of them are into sports…that machine will run all the time!

  7. Shannon @myspaciousplace

    it’s so true! i do it all the time!

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