You can just see that family resemblance so clearly some days…


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  1. Ah the days of “tatty hair”… how I remember them well… but now they are but a distant memory . 😀 xxxxxxxxx


  2. Ouch…more like “Hairitage”. har har


  3. Our granddaughter has learned to put it all in a pony tail before we can get to it (tangles and all). I got a big smile from this drawing today.


  4. When my sister and I were small we used to beg to have our dad do our hair in the morning, because he was sooo much gentler than our mom. Of course, it always fell out by first recess.


  5. Ouch – yes 🙂 Do you use those hairbrushes Angie that have the metal spikes on them? I remember my mum using one on me – they must have been banned and have re-emerged as dog grooming brushes!


  6. The noise the brush made through my tangles made me squeal at my mom when she’d try to brush it–but it hurt, too! Now that I am “grown up” I use my fingers. (It’s REALLY curly–don’t know why we ever tried to tame it.)


  7. Well, when my sisters & I were little we all had short hair until old enough to take of it ourselves. Mind you there were five girls & two boys!!!!!


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