I saw a mouse.

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  1. …where?
    There on the stair,
    Where on the stair?
    Right there, a little mouse with clogs on
    well I declare, going clip clippity clock on the stair!!


  2. *clop on the stair 😛


  3. I use a tissue to hold the mouse when taking it from my hunter cat – no chance to bite then.


  4. There on the stairs, right there. A little mouse with clogs on…………………………………………..


  5. welcome to my world 😦 What would happen if we introduced your Arnie to my Sparta? World domination I suspect.


  6. My experience with pet cats is that by the time you’ve seen what they caught, the small critter has a terror induced heart attack.


  7. Very timely that I have read your blog! I am currently sitting watching my Bloody Cat toss a dead mouse in the air, walk away, jump back again, suck its tail, flip it up in the air with Her claws. It lies on the floor all flat, but Bloody Cat leaps like a tigger at it. I ought to do something, but I have had a bit too much wine, and might accidentally absentmindedly put it in the fridge, like my glasses.


  8. Really admire your illustrations 😉


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