Monthly Archives: August 2012

Attention Seeker.

Do you mind Arnie. I’m trying to draw!

Home Cinema.

Nothing like a good film to root my little movie buffs to the spot!

Lady Muck.

Well laa dee dah to you Bonnie. Looking good.
Can’t see Arnie in one though.

When things go quiet…

That’s normally the time not to be thinking that they’re playing nicely but that there’s mischief in the making…

Messy Eater.

Oh so I need a bib now do I?

Let’s have a Parade!

Just add paper, a stick, a scarf, a toy dog and an assortment of willing paraders and you’re off.

Mumbles Monsters.

Mirror Mirror.

Something’s eating my tomatoes.

It’s been a bad year for pests in the garden…

Snip, Snip, Snip.

Evie is currently obssessed with tiny little bits of paper, I’m forbidden to throw any of them away.
The house is starting to turn white…

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