Drawings from Mudland.

We’re back home after a very muddy time at the Green Man.
Here are some of our more memorable moments.
I’m off to rediscover running water and contemplate the Mount Everest washing pile.

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  1. Ha ha! I hope the memories are worth all the mess! 🙂


  2. Brilliant, I so look forward to your post each day


  3. I love the one “I don’t want to go into the stinky loo.” So true.


  4. Fabulous. Why do we do it each year? Millions of us lol


  5. These are the best memories you will ever have, when you had fun with your kids, so short, Ah . . .


  6. These are awesome.


  7. Looks like you all had a great time. Love the “Hunter wellies”


  8. Thank goodness for wellies! 😉


  9. Looks like Arnie is glad you’re back.


  10. I think you could start a B&B called The Doodlemum Experience: Watch as Loads of Laundry keep re-appearing….observe the intense negotiations for naptime/bedtime, observe the endless foot stomping of disgruntled children….catch the dog digging up the garden when no one is looking….see if you can figure out where the cat just threw-up (again!)….marvel at the complete disatisfaction with Mum’s home-cooked meals…and know that they’ll all wonder how you did it when they have their own children…


  11. These are great. I especially love the one stuck in the mud…we were there too!
    Love the one with the tent flags too. Your drawings are fantastic


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