When things go quiet…

That’s normally the time not to be thinking that they’re playing nicely but that there’s mischief in the making…

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  1. Peace and quiet – never a good sign with kids! 😉


  2. Can I just say that out of the hundreds of Illustration BLOGS I come across…yours is my favourite.
    I love your style and can only dream that one day I will be as great as you.


  3. I once was being buried on a Welsh beach when the dune behind me collapsed and covered me completely. It was the most frightened I have ever been in my long life. I couldn’t even scream. Fortunately my burier boyfriend was able to extricate me as I was about to expire.


  4. quiet children and no disaster? Good for you!!! Hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet 😉 Last time that happened here, my library book had 2 missing pages. One was torn in little pieces by my toddler, the other one was my baby’s version of snacktime…


  5. Dead lions, a brilliant game for peace & quiet!!


  6. aaaawwww lol – have they been in the Granny’s Custard yet?


  7. I’d just been reading how burying people in the sand was an essential childhood must-do in the back to nature child raising philosophy … you clearly are a great parent! 🙂


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