Attention Seeker.

Do you mind Arnie. I’m trying to draw!

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  1. Yes, you poor thing, Arnie can see that you’re trying desperately to fill the empty moments when there’s no cat to pet – and he’s here to help you!


  2. I love it when they do that, even though I know they’re really asking for food! You have caught wonderfully the two facial expressions.


  3. My cants want attention when I’m writing, or reading. The best is when I’m doing my best to half pet and mostly read and my Bella sits on my neck between book and eyes. 1/2 pets are NOT accepted


  4. Love it when cats do that. Ofcourse they do it when you are at your busiest.. but it doesn;t matter to them anyway 🙂 I second Vivin above.. the 2 facial expressions are too good..


  5. Yes I get the same thing, in fact Bodhi walked on my keyboard the other day and has pressed a button which has made itunes go all weird, it plays the first 30 seconds and jumps to the next song… No Idea! I wouldnt be able to find these shortcuts but the cat does!


  6. I got a phone call at work one day, “How do I turn the DVD player off? The cats were playing around the TV and turned it on.” They also managed to disconnect the TV during a game of tag.


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