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TV Pile-up.


Late last night, a fox with wire cutter jaws, chomped it’s way into the chicken run and went on a bloody rampage. Gizmo, our much loved cockerel and another hen died.
At this moment, we have three pitiful hens left.
At this moment we are at war.
Batten down the hatches and hammer everything down.
I’m coming for you foxy wire cutters.


The fox didn’t want to leave much else. Too upset to blog tonight.

The Laundry Basket.

Be afraid, be very afraid. I’m using my full body weight in a courageous attempt to protect my loved ones from a full scale washing eruption.

If the lid of the laundry basket is not threatening orbit there is no need to disturb the sleeping monster.

Stand back…this requires an expert.



That sinking feeling.

Ever get it?


If you think that umbrealls are there to keep you dry, you are quite wrong.
If you think umbrealls are swords to swipe at the rain, lifts to see Mary Poppins and alien laser defenders then come and join us!

The Smuggler.

Asking Evie if she has any toy stowaways on board before we leave for school is pointless. The answer will always be a hesitant and squeaky no.
Reminding her that she cant take dinosaurs to school, (no matter how small and how cute) is also pointless.
Either I have to invent a small plastic toy detector or it’s frisking time.
And it’s going to be tickly…

Journey to the centre of the pouffe.

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Distant Shores.

Can you hear the sea?

Tom Jones and Friday.

I love Fridays, an evening out with food and brandies and a day with children and bullying.
That ‘aint the way to have fun eh?

Mr. Postman.

I’ve been busy drawing and I could hear Gruff’s busy little feet going to and fro behind me.
That’s nice, (I think to myself), he’s playing very well by himself today.
Intermittently, I hear the clunk of the letterbox and it slowly dawns on me what the little rascal is up to…

Pack Horse.

The slow trudge home from school just got slower now that Gruff is out of the pram and walking too. The only drawback, is that there’s no where to put the coats, bags, hats, lunch boxes, kitchen sinks,..etc that the girls bring home from school each day!

We also have our little stalker Arnie that lies in wait at the top of the road, waiting for the return of his little clan.

Doodlemum’s secret…

…we’ve been keeping a secret from you all and we’ve been dying to tell you…

…maybe we will…

…maybe we won’t…

































How “BIG” is this announcement Evie? Wow, that is big….





















Arnie is more than happy to tell you….if you speak cat….




























Oh go on then, watch out, here we come!

Opposites attract.

The Wanderer Returns.

Big sister Millie is back, with lots to say…

































…but battery power is running low! Ah well, her fans are happy to see her.

Missing You.

Big sister Millie is away for an adventure weekend with her school.

I have two lost little souls at home.

She’ll be back tomorrow and normal chaos can resume.

A Hard Day’s Rant.

Gruff has taken it upon himself today to protest at every opportunity if something doesn’t go his way.

We’ve had screaming all the way to school this morning, (to drop his sisters off) and screaming all the way back again.

Screaming at the choice of dinner and screaming at the choice of pants to wear.

I’m hoping he’s worn his vocal chords out a little so tomorrow is a bit quieter.


Asleep on the job.

I think someone got out of bed last night but forgot where his bed was…

A Good Day.

You know if it’s been a good day at school, when they come home wearing a smile and looking like this.



We’ve been very good, can we go to the park please?


The first day of school went very well.

It was helped by Evie’s suggestion that if I was worried about her, I could always send a letter through to the school office and they would make sure she got it.

I think she’ll be fine.


Hard Work.

It’s back to school tomorrow for Millie and Evie.Like Millie, Evie will also be in school all day from now on.

She’s a little bit upset and nervous.

I am too.

A Grand Tour…

…of the garden, courtesy of big sister.

Heads and shoulders, hands and paws.

Draw round them all. (If your muse will stay still for long enough).

Shoe Shopping with your children.

Things you will hear yourself saying when shoe shopping with your children:

  1. She’s grown again? I’ll have to buy new shoes, oh right. (That would have been because of the blazing, hot, Welsh summer we’ve just had that made my children grow two shoe sizes then).
  2. No you can’t have the spider-man shoes with the flashing lights and the toy doll, the whistle (and kitchen sink) attached.
  3. I’ve  got all day and you’re not leaving the shop until we pick a pair!
  4. No you can’t have the flashing pink, furry, sparkly, shoes with the toy, the survival kit and the genuine real live gerbil attached.
  5. I do not need shoe polish
  6. I do not need insoles.
  7. I do not need spray stuff.

A Garden Visitor.

Hang on a minute, isn’t that the dog’s job?
And no we are not keeping it as a pet.


Everytime this happens it’s always the toilet roll’s fault. Funny isn’t it?

Sword Play.

I’d like to say they’re re-enacting the battle of Hastings but they’re just enjoying each other’s company with a big pile of swords.

Led by example.

There are, however, advantages to having your own grown up bed.
Evie is more than happy to point out the best one.

Where has my cot gone?

Well it decided it was getting too small for you and thought it would be nice to go on holday for a bit.
The bed looks nice though…

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