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TV Pile-up.


Late last night, a fox with wire cutter jaws, chomped it’s way into the chicken run and went on a bloody rampage. Gizmo, our much loved cockerel and another hen died.
At this moment, we have three pitiful hens left.
At this moment we are at war.
Batten down the hatches and hammer everything down.
I’m coming for you foxy wire cutters.


The fox didn’t want to leave much else. Too upset to blog tonight.

The Laundry Basket.

Be afraid, be very afraid. I’m using my full body weight in a courageous attempt to protect my loved ones from a full scale washing eruption.

If the lid of the laundry basket is not threatening orbit there is no need to disturb the sleeping monster.

Stand back…this requires an expert.



That sinking feeling.

Ever get it?


If you think that umbrealls are there to keep you dry, you are quite wrong.
If you think umbrealls are swords to swipe at the rain, lifts to see Mary Poppins and alien laser defenders then come and join us!

The Smuggler.

Asking Evie if she has any toy stowaways on board before we leave for school is pointless. The answer will always be a hesitant and squeaky no.
Reminding her that she cant take dinosaurs to school, (no matter how small and how cute) is also pointless.
Either I have to invent a small plastic toy detector or it’s frisking time.
And it’s going to be tickly…

Journey to the centre of the pouffe.

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Distant Shores.

Can you hear the sea?

Tom Jones and Friday.

I love Fridays, an evening out with food and brandies and a day with children and bullying.
That ‘aint the way to have fun eh?

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