Shoe Shopping with your children.

Things you will hear yourself saying when shoe shopping with your children:

  1. She’s grown again? I’ll have to buy new shoes, oh right. (That would have been because of the blazing, hot, Welsh summer we’ve just had that made my children grow two shoe sizes then).
  2. No you can’t have the spider-man shoes with the flashing lights and the toy doll, the whistle (and kitchen sink) attached.
  3. I’ve  got all day and you’re not leaving the shop until we pick a pair!
  4. No you can’t have the flashing pink, furry, sparkly, shoes with the toy, the survival kit and the genuine real live gerbil attached.
  5. I do not need shoe polish
  6. I do not need insoles.
  7. I do not need spray stuff.

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  1. I may well have been in the shop with you that day, ‘cept I couldn’t chat as I was prising 3″ stilettos off the 9yo’s feet.


  2. A miserable job. Worse still was my mother shopping for shoes for herself. There used to be about 8 shoe shops in our local High Street, and she would have every shoe in every shop out on the floor and then walk out saying “I’ll have to think about it!” Cringeworthy for daughters, or what?


  3. Hee hee, I remember it well! xx


  4. Oh yes and the queues of like minded mothers, you take a ticket 300 and the board is showing 12!!! Or if you’ve got a daughter with huge feet at age 9 and you despair at the complete and utter rubbish that’s available in the larger sizes for children…..Grrrrr


    • I used to go to a shoe shop that had it’s children’s department upstairs with no windows, you could only access it by a tiny lift. You can imagine how hot and stuffy it got. Nightmare.


  5. Your blog looks really beautiful. Reminds me of Quentin Blake.


  6. this one is very mega extra hilarious, love the words and the drawing. oh you made me laugh so!


  7. Well, that brings back memories. Of myself as a child,eldest of seven then as a mother to three boys who never seemed to stop growing!!


  8. That brings back so many memories. I hated the ones they loved, and they hated the ones I liked – but – I WAS PAYING so I got to choose! The worst of it was darling daughter was happy to have proper school shoes but it was when those great big, ugly boot cut shoes were in fashion – HUUGE big things – yuk. We compromised on the smallest versions we could find, but thank goodness they are both old enough to go shopping on their own now. I really do not envy you that job one litte bit.
    Love your drawings and comments.


    • Thank you Dawn, I tend to avoid the busy times but school shoes have to be bought just before they return to school or otherwise they’ve grown out of them.
      A rite of autumn and one that will be saluted with a nice large glass of wine tonight for me.


  9. And when school uniform shopping with your children… especially for shirts, jumpers and blazers… you will hear the immortal words “you’ll grow into them!”.. LOL. xxx


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