Hard Work.

It’s back to school tomorrow for Millie and Evie.Like Millie, Evie will also be in school all day from now on.

She’s a little bit upset and nervous.

I am too.

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  1. Sending you all my love from a tear flowing mum and 3 and 5 year old none of who want to go to school or plays chill and a mum whose heart is breaking ! I feel your pain but we will get there xxxx


  2. I don’t know who feels it worse. 😦


  3. Aaah God bless her… she’ll be ok love, just give it a little time… I understand you will miss her being at home with you though. xxx


  4. I’m a little nervous for both of you……….it will be fine……gulp


  5. Poor sweetheart. But it will be such fun – so many new people and games and things to know – it will hardly seem like work!


  6. The poor dear.
    I almost missed the “I am too” , so just for you *Hugs*


  7. I so remember this time from when mine were all little and I also know how she feels!! These days it is the other way round at home. My children (16 & 18) are happy to be going back to school (and before anyone thinks my kids are weird) and being able to spend all day with their friends! I, on the other hand, was the one in the kitchen, slurping coffee whilst having a french pleat done by my daughter saying “I dont want to go to work….!


  8. It’s never changed for me and they’re 9 & 11 now, come the end of the summer holidays and I feel lost without them being there. But they adapt oh so easily, I think it’s us mums that end up playing catch up!


  9. Sending you a big hug. It’ll be lovely to welcome them home later on and hear all about their day. 🙂 My youngest left home on Saturday for uni…it’s very quiet here today. Playing lots of Hillsong music and have lots of sweet-smelling candles going. Oh and the kettle’s on a lot. xx


  10. Hope Evie had a good day, my smallest also started in reception.


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