The first day of school went very well.

It was helped by Evie’s suggestion that if I was worried about her, I could always send a letter through to the school office and they would make sure she got it.

I think she’ll be fine.


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  1. Looking so grown up! I love the letter idea. 🙂


  2. I went to boarding school, and letters from my Mum were certainly treasured, especially the illustrated / drawn ones. I hope she made some good friends. : )


  3. Lovely… glad it went well honey… she looks very happy! xxx


  4. I don’t think there’s much to worry about there – happiness and confidence shine out of her there


  5. Oh good, I’m glad she had a great day! 🙂


  6. If she has a packed lunch, always nice to put a quick love you note or drawing in it……. 🙂 Then she’ll know you’re ok!!


  7. So sweet and made me smile.


  8. Lol. She’s smart, that girl. 🙂


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